Disorientalism: Katherine Behar & Marianne M Kim

PROJECT: Quality is Our Recipe June 06 @ 7pm Gallery

A live multimedia performance that picks up on the narrative begun in Disorientalism’s “Brown Bagging” installation. We find the Disorientals in Wendy’s Old-Fashioned Brown Bagging Factory where they play their own avatars in a custom Kinect video game, “Participation May Vary.”

PANEL: Personal Mythologies June 07 @ 2-4pm Society for Arts

photos by Crystal Pearl and Monica Ruzansky | disorientalism.net

Disorientalism, a collaboration between Asian-American artists Katherine Behar and Marianne M Kim, studies the disorienting effects of technologized labor, junk culture, and consumerism. Through live performance, video, and photographic projects, Disorientalism explores how these forces mediate race, gender, and bodies.