Jessica Elaine Blinkhorn

PROJECT:Assistance” June 14 @ 7pm Gallery

PANEL: Intimacies: Self-Sacrifice and Preservation June 14 @ 2-4pm Society for the Arts

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Jessica Elaine Blinkhorn (US) is an artist who lives large, rolls hard and won’t let her declining mobility stop her. Diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy at age 19 months—Jessica took her last steps at three years old, but that didn’t keep her from drawing on the walls of her home. Recognizing her talent early on, her family encouraged her artistic talent and today — even as she loses her ability to draw — Jessica keeps finding ways to create.

I try not to focus so much on the future because when a person focuses to much on his or her future, they forget to live. Instead, I chose to focus on creating – for each day I create is another day I have lived.