Teoma Naccarato

PROJECT:Experience #1167″ June 15 @ 7pm Gallery

A 15-minute solo performed in a responsive environment in which the dancer’s live movement and vocalization drive shifts in the video projection and soundscape. The solo is presented as an installation performance with the audience in close proximity 360 degrees around the dancer. Surrounded by a mass of equipment including cameras, microphones, monitors, sensors, and cables extending from her body to create a cyborg sculpture, the dancer’s movement vocabulary is restrained, often isolated within her core region or a single body part. Layers of interactivity accumulate slowly, inviting the audience to observe, analyze, and feel the material intimately on a personal, social and political level.

PANEL: Intimacies: Self-Sacrifice and Preservation June 14 @ 2-4pm Society for the Arts

photos courtesy of the artist | www.naccarato.org/dance

Teoma Naccarato (Canada) is a contemporary dancer, choreographer and pedagogue based in Montreal, Canada. Naccarato’s creations integrate contemporary dance with responsive video, audio and sensor technologies to explore vulnerability and intimacy in embodied and virtual interactions. Over the past decade Naccarato has presented choreography for stage and screen across Canada, the United States, South America, and Europe. Recent creations include X and Experience #1167, two mediated self-solos presented at the ReNew Digital Arts Festival in Copenhagen, Denmark in November 2013. Additional choreographic credits include: Dirt (2013), Beneath the pavement, an ocean (2013), Retrace, reroute, replace (2012), Gently between us (2011), and Exposure (2010).

Naccarato has performed internationally with choreographers Robert Wechsler, Michael Montanaro, Marianne Desjardins, Catherine Castonguay, Ilona Dougherty, and more. Naccarato received an MFA in Dance and Technology at the Ohio State University in 2011, and a BFA in Contemporary Dance at Concordia University in 2004. She has enjoyed appointments as a full-time Visiting Artist in Dance at Concordia University (2013-2014), Sam Houston State University (2013), Florida State University (2012), and the Ohio State University (2011).