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Hub 1184 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago IL 60642
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  • June 07 @ 4-6pm and June 08 @ 2-6pm: Pop-up Beauty Shop
    Mark Bazant | Hanna M Owens | Soheila Azadi
HUB 1184 N Milwaukee Ave CHICAGO IL 60642
THU & FRI JUNE 05 & 06 Julie Potratz
“Guilty Pleasures”
Julie Potratz "Lips" photo by Alex RauchJulie Potratz is an artist whose performances, videos, and celebrity impersonations, take a phenomenological look at what it means to inhabit a body. With excesses of material, drama, and grotesque cartoons, she slips between the fantastical and the everyday, while continually undergoing physical and psychological transformations. Potratz received her BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2008, and her MFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2014. Her work has been exhibited at Roots and Culture, Deitch Projects, Gallery 400, Slow Gallery, Greenhouse Theatre, Cabin Exhibitions, Antena Gallery, Crimson Glow, The Paragraph, and Falmouth University in Cornwall, U.K. She is currently living and working in Chicago, IL. photo by Alex Rauch
SAT & SUN June 07 @ 4-6pm and June 08 @ 2-6pm: Pop-up Beauty Shop

  • Hanna M Owens Nails

    Free nail painting and hand massages!  You’re probably rushing around this weekend.  Take a break and relax here for a moment.  Choose from a variety of polishes.  No nail art, only solid colors.NAILS Hanna M Owens

    Hanna M Owens is a feminist artist and writer from Baltimore, MD. She believes the best stories are about conflicting feelings, and her efforts remain under a similar umbrella: language, the body, and intimacy. She makes up one half of the collaborative Espand, alongside the artist Soheila Azadi. Owens holds an MFA in Studio Arts from UIC and has been clean from drugs and alcohol since November 1, 2005.

  • Soheila Azadi Tread

    Tread is also important in my art practice. A single thread that I can use to get women’s eyebrows done; a practice that my aunt taught me and it was necessary for a woman to know. I use a single thread to create an intimate relationship between audience and me; I create a sisterly relationship while I make that person feel more beautiful.

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    I am an MFA student in the Moving Image program focusing on performance and installation art. My performances involve human interactions within the social sphere, while giving these interactions an artistic and critical meaning. My performances are transient social sculptures limited to specific time and space that have the potential of transforming a society. My experiences as a Muslim woman who has lived under a theocracy in Iran, and as an immigrant who is living in the U.S. under a democracy have motivated me to research the separation between the sexes (which is a stipulation of many orthodox religions), as well as the segregation between races.

    In my installations and performances I utilize fabrics as a medium for performing complications and boundaries related to gender, politics, and race. Fabrics can separate genders as in the case of “hijab”, fabrics are used as political gestures as in “flags”, and fabrics play a roll in social class icons as in “clothes”.

THU & FRI JUNE 12 & 13 Jake Vogds & Lindsey Whittle
Lindsey M Whittle "day5"

Lindsey M Whittle received a BFA in painting from the Art Academy of Cincinnati in 2007. She taught English as a second language for 1 year in 2009, in a fashion high school in Gifu, Japan. Whittle spent 5 years from 2007-2012, teaching art to youth at Baker Hunt Cultural Art Center in Covington, KY. She continued her education studying fashion at the University of Cincinnati for 3 years from 2009-2012. She then went on to pursue a masters in fashion at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago from 2012- present, all while maintaining her position for the past 2 years as “Master Crafter” at Kiki Magazine, an internationally dispersed, award winning, ad- free fashion/DIY magazine for tween girls.

Jake Vogds is a multidisciplinary artist working in performance, video, photography, and costume. In June 2012, he was awarded the Buonanno Contemporary Practices Scholarship from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He has performed and exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Defibrillator, Links Hall, Chicago Artist Coalition, Zhou B Arts Center, Sullivan Galleries, and the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts (Kalamazoo, MI), among others. Currently, he is pursuing his BFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2015) on a presidential merit scholarship working closely with 3rd Language Queer Zine Collective, Barbara Degenevieve, and Mark Jeffery.

SAT & SUN JUNE 14 & 15 Erica Gressman
Project: “Nested Core”

“Nested Core” is a mixed media performance involving walls of skin, lights, and sound. It serves as a live biofeedback noise composition using light sensitive electronic instruments that react to the movement of an avatar body. _Nested Core_ is the embodiment of our core battle between raw queer identity and technology in a dystopian arena. The performing avatar fights to strip down layers of skin suits in order to reveal that queerness can never be made nude in a world where queer is seen as flawed. Erica Gressman “Wall of Skin 2012-13

Erica Gressman

Erica Gressman received her MFA in Performance from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and currently works in Chicago. Her artistic focus is on fusing electronic noise music with performance. She attaches analogue electronics onto her body to create live biofeedback noise compositions to amplify an abstract body lost in a time of digital interference. She displays her body as a vehicle for sound and raw analogue technology to represent the human cyborg, an arena for both neutralizing the identity and queering technology. The machines used in her work are not used for their traditional purpose, but as musical instruments expressing her biological reactions. She forces her audience to feel a visceral experience with absurdity, sci-fi imagery, and robust spectacle. Her work represents a truth that we must revisit our flesh, our guts, and true inner desires through self-surgeries, destruction of walls, and the noise of internal chaos.