RP14 Venues
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DFBRL8R-map-iconDEFIBRILLATOR (DFBRL8R or dfb) performance art gallery & Electrodes are SE of the Division Blue Line EL stop at the Polish Triangle. 1136 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago IL 60642 US

DFBRL8R is a 501c3 arts organization that provides a platform for underrepresented voices and time-based work that does not sit comfortably within pre-established genres or disciplines. Dynamic programming, decidedly fearless and unique, aims to provoke thought and stimulate discourse surrounding performance art. www.DFBRL8R.org

The ELECTRODES are the front display windows at DFBRL8R used for durational work viewed from the street. www.electrodesdfb.info

society-arts_map-iconSOCIETY for ARTS RP14 Discourse of Artist Talks and Panels from 2-4pm located at 1112 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago IL 60642 US.  SOCIETY for Arts is a gallery focusing on the presentation of influential European artists. www.societyforarts.com

nightingale_map-marker_iconNIGHTINGALE CINEMA RP14 Video Series as part of the evening program June 5-8 & 12-14 located at 1084 North Milwaukee Ave Chicago IL 60642 US.  The Nightingale Cinema was founded by visionary Christy LeMaster who is a galvanizing force behind Chicago’s film and video community. www.nightingalecinema.org

polish-triange_map-iconPOLISH TRIANGLE location for public performance at the intersection of N Milwaukee, Ashland and Division Chicago IL 60622 US.

Vittum_map-iconVITTUM THEATER 1012 N Noble St Chicago IL 60642 US.  Workshop with Kira O’Reilly on June 15 from 4-7pm $30