Antibody Corporation

PROJECT:The Future is Physical” June 07 @ 7pm Gallery

The Corporation possesses an inner and outer order.
The inner order is bound to the logo, while the outer order is bound to chaos. No genre, style, or content is off limits to our appropriation or use. The container is more important than the content.
The Corporation does not involve itself in ethical arguments.
It exists perpetually in a pre-ethical world.
Your subcultures are not immune.

PANEL: Performing Animality June 08 @ 2-4pm Society for the Arts

Adam Rose | Holly Chernobyl | Jon Poindexter

photos by Zhuo Yun Chen |

Antibody Corporation (Chicago) is a mission based organization specializing in mind/body integration. Founded in 2009, The Corporation has collaborated with over 30 artists to date in creating a body of interdisciplinary works spanning dance, performance art, film, video, and music.

Antibody Corporation believes the future is physical, and engages in physical work to ensure an embodied tomorrow.