Diaz Lewis:
Cara Megan Lewis & Alejandro Figueredo Diaz-Perera

PROJECT:  June 15 @ 4-7pm Electrodes

While performing a live action within the electrodes; Diaz Lewis will solicit the goodwill of the spectator to carry a conversation between the two windows, in an attempt to investigate the complexities of communication. Simultaneously, Diaz and Lewis will be cleansing the windows with symbols of their respective countries, releasing the geo-political divide that further complicates standard modes of dialogue and exchange between the two.

PANEL: Intimacies: Self-Sacrifice and Preservation June 14 @ 2-4pm Society for the Arts

photos courtesy of the artists | www.carameganlewis.com | www.alef-diaz.com/sms | www.alef-diaz.com

The collaborative Diaz Lewis (Chicago/Cuba) formed in October 2012 when the couple Alejandro Figueredo Diaz-Perera and Cara Megan Lewis received an unexpected invitation from the National Ballet of Cuba to participate in a group exhibition marking the anniversary of the Cuban institution. In the following year, Diaz and Lewis worked together across the divide, Diaz in Havana and Lewis in Chicago.

Their photo book, “SMS: Simultaneous Moments of Silence” documents a year apart moving simultaneously through life in their distinct positions; Lewis is a gallery director of a prestigious Chicago contemporary art gallery and Diaz is an emerging artist.  While they have performed private art actions on beaches and cemeteries from Varadero, Cuba to Hong Kong, Rapid Pulse 2014 will mark their first public performance together. This summer, the couple will begin curating art exhibitions in the parallel sky lights of Lewis’ home studio and in September 2014, their individual artworks will be featured in a two-person exhibition at Antena Space in the Pilsen District of Chicago.