Kira O’Reilly

PROJECT: June 14 @ 4-8pm Gallery

In this performance I engage in slow, sustained movements over four hours to generate bodily transformation through continual reapplications of broken eggs and green glitter.In each version of the performance the arrangement is different, responding to the place and space.

WORKSHOP: June 15 @ 4-7pm Vittum Theatre

Explore ways to open the senses and enhance bodily awareness in space, place and environment. Skewed vision and alternative encounters with everyday landscapes become methods of sensory exploration.  $30

photos by Jason Cawood |

Kira O’Reilly (UK/Ireland) practice is both wilfully interdisciplinary and entirely undisciplined, and stems from a visual art background. In her work she employs performance, biotechnical practices and writing to consider speculative reconfigurations around the body.

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