Sandrine Schaefer

PROJECT:This is an Archive of…” June 07 & 08 4-7pm Electrodes

Last year, Sandrine Schaefer participated in Rapid Pulse as a Discourse Participant, witnessing and writing about the pieces that unfolded throughout the duration of the festival. For Rapid Pulse 2014, Sandrine will archive actions she witnessed at Rapid Pulse 2013 into her own body while installed in the Electrodes over the duration of 2 days. Rapid Pulse 2013 included many collaborative duos. Treating the second window as her “collaborator” Sandrine re-creates, re-interprets, and re-contextualizes actions using the parameters of her own physicality that have stood out in her memory throughout the year. Live art lives in the memories of those who experienced it. “This is an Archive of…”addresses the role memory plays within experiential art mediums, how actions are read on different bodies, and contemporary notions around re-performance and authorship.

photos by Daniel S DeLuca |

Sandrine Schaefer (US) is a Boston-based Artist, Writer, Independent Curator and Educator. Using a site-sensitive approach, Sandrine works in the medium of action art to explore the parameters and potential of context, time, and the corporeal and conceptual body. Utilizing the connection between cumulative action and endurance, Sandrine’s work addresses the shared human experience of fitting in, offers pause for contemplation, and is inspired by the promise of collaborative imagination.